Sports Therapy

sports therapyIn today’s health conscious world, exercise is a means for us to shape our bodies, boost our performance, and improve our health.  Unfortunately in our quest for a better lifestyle, we often overdo it and end up with any one of a myriad of injuries. Although virtually any part of your body can be injured during sports or exercise, the term sports injury is typically reserved for injuries that involve the musculoskeletal system, which includes the muscles, bones, and associated tissues.


Most sports injuries can be treated effectively with conservative care and most people who suffer injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activity after an injury.  Even better, many sports injuries can be prevented if people take the proper precautions.


One of Dr. Baird’s areas of expertise lies in treating dance and sports injuries.  A dancer and fitness enthusiast, she is aware of the many stresses and strains that dancing and athletic training can place on the body.  She is a firm believer that regular chiropractic care can alleviate many of the injuries arising from dance and sports activity, thereby leading to enhanced flexibility and performance.